Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Time Is Now

The time has come to break the chains,
The bonds of slavery no more at the reigns,
To control our thoughts and to rule our minds,
Or cover our eyes with these dark blinds.

The time has come to win back our rights,
However hard you try to put up a fight.
No more blood will be shed after our voices sound,
Like the roar of the thunder from all around.

The time has come for us to lead,
And the downtrodden and poor we will feed.
Never again will people have to fear,
Never again will people have to shed a tear.

The time has come to stand up, united,
Against the harms of being divided.
Under one roof we'll live together, and how,
The time has come, the time is now.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Knight

Staring at the black ceiling, waiting,
For the sound of raindrops that was promised in the evening,
By the dark, heavy clouds that convened overhead,
And the unmistakable smell of mud made wet.

Suddenly a flash of white brightens the room for an instant,
And a smile comes to my face as I hear the thunder in the distance,
Because to me the rain is not the gloomy, depressing scene that most people see,
But a torrent of joy to wash my sins off me.

The sound of the raindrops fill my head,
Like an aquaeous symphony around my bed.
The sanity in me slowly fading away,
As I start to dream in shades of gray.

Dragons and Demons battle each other,
Fighting with swords, fighting with fire.
At long last they break to attend the wounded,
As the Black Knight watches from on the hill, sillhouted.

He keeps watch over them everday, as the battle rages,
But never meddles with their War of Ages.
Knowing that with limitless power comes great responsibility,
He waits till he's ready to fulfill his destiny.

But tonight's that night; he rides down the hill,
To take his crown, and do that he will.
To punish the Wrong, and honour the Right,
That time arrives now, before the end of the night.

He stops halfway and raises his sword,
Towards the sky, above the crowd.
He summons the rain, without so much as an utterance,
And the War is swept away, finally bringing deliverance.

The Knight calls out to the people hidden underground,
And creates a world where love is abundantly found.
The Knight rolls over in his bed and smiles to his own,
As the rain outside reminds him he's not alone.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

This World

When was the last time people walked out in the morning,
Without fearing that by night they will be mourning,
Someone they love with all of their heart,
But by then they would be torn apart?

What have we become today?
Us, the ones who prudly say,
"Look, we're touching the realms of a star!"
While a mother cries over the body of her son, not far.

How is it that people take for granted, unguilty,
The things that others wage wars over daily?
When will this world stand up from the grave,
It's digging for itself with the bones of the brave?

Our "democracy" is a one-man-show,
When was the last time he gave us hope?
To find a saviour is what we need,
And to listen to our hearts, that voice to heed.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thank Me

"Thank you for talking to me whenever I needed,
I'd call out to you, and you always heeded.
Thank you for comforting me when I was weeping,
You held my heart, and it had safe keeping."

"Thank you for helping me overcome my fears,
You walked me through all of my tears.
Thank you for listening to all of my complaints,
You listened patiently and took away the pain."

"Thank you for hearing me talk about him,
You said I'd be happy, though my chances were slim."
These are the words that should be coming out of your mouth,
But all I wanna know is, where the hell are you now?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Night Fall

As I lay down to sleep,
I think about how, this life i can keep,
Away from sin and treacherous lies,
Which my conscience they defy.

To undo my wrongs is impossible for me,
But redo my rights I will, this you will see.
Trying to bring my soul to how it was once,
A long time ago, when I was given my first chance.

I'm the only one who can save me from pain,
No sum of money can help me to gain,
Because I'm not asking for something that's easy to get,
Staying in silence is now my safest bet.
My eyes are closed, but my mind is running,
I need something to stop me from doing
What's wrong to people i don't want to hurt,
And give myself a brand new birth.

The morning will come, and i'll forget the night,
Because I pray to God to give me the might
To hold myself back from the darkness of sin,
To wipe away how evil I've been.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Never Free

I've been pushed aside, made to crawl,
But I get up again and stand up tall.
Conquering my fear of walking alone,
I'm running towards the light that shone.

I'm looking for what i cannot find,
Something to help me with my wild-hearted mind.
To tame the flaming rage within.
Before it erupts and makes me sin.

"Will I find that thing?" I ask myself,
"or will it remain on that unreachable shelf?"
"Keep searching," is what my soul answers me,
"There's nothing else you can do; without it you're never free."

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hard Rain

My body’s cold, my face dripping,
With no one around, my fear is gripping.
Taking me down, to the depths of sadness,
My soul is torn by thoughts of madness.

The rain pours on, with no end in sight,
I brace myself, get ready to fight.
The feeling of sorrow that’s filling my mind,
And replace it with joy, if that I can find.

I walk alone, with no light to guide,
I feel the water brush by my side.
I stumble and fall, in the mud and dirt,
I rise up again, not shaken, unhurt.

With no one to talk to, no one to share,
No one to love, and my burdens to bear,
I force myself to wash away the pain,
And make peace with the cold, hard rain.