Saturday, March 26, 2016

In the dead of the night

there's a light at the end of the tunnel
but the darkness around has consumed me
become one with me
turned me into a child of the night
embracing the emptiness and the cold
for they are my companions
and have been so for millenia
as the lights around me all disappeared
and the blackness of night took over
there wasn't much I could do
but let it all in and stay put
right here in this place that I now can't seem to let go
inside the depths of despair is where I thrive
along with death and disrepair
killing time by counting to infinity
the time since what I once had left me
what could have been, what will never be
so bright and shiny
so dark and grimy
something had to be done
and I did, not letting go of potentiality
tracks that once began with
hope and dreams now faded into oblivion
that were once everything I stood for
and that I now know nothing of
except a lingering memory
that I used to once be, for you
a light at the end of the tunnel

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Learn to fly

i've been around, yes
gone up high, crashed and burned down low
it was foolish to think that my heart
couldn't be broken any more

too long have i been a slave
to the feeling of guilt
for all the dreams we shared
for all the castles we built

it was perfect, you were there
for me when i needed you
and i was always around
even when it was too good to be true

i could've never resisted,
you were a heaven sent sign
to give it everything i had; and now
i'm holding on too tight to what was never mine

ages will pass before we heal
she will be in another's arms, happy but yearning
for the day she's back in my arms,
her heart no longer in mourning

maybe then we'll know how,
maybe then we'll know why
maybe then we'll start to accept
that we were destined to take the leap... that we were destined to fly