Sunday, November 7, 2010

We're Still Alive, Dude.

We’ve made it thus far haven’t we?

We don’t need anybody else to give us a helping hand.

We’ve taken our blows and taken our hits,

But again and again, straight up we stand.

Receiving and giving, help we’ve shared.

It’s been so long since we’ve heard their voices now.

We call out and they never answer anymore,

The silence we hear, it’s funny just how.

They used to call to us, and we heeded.

They took us for granted, and we patiently listened.

Made us smile, and made us die,

With every tear we wiped, when their eyes glistened.

“No more sorrows,” we were promised,

“No more will we cry in vain,” we swore.

But it’s all gone now, only a deathly calm remains,

And it’s taken us far from the safety of the shore.

Needed each other then, yes we all did.

We needed that escape from the perverseness of the world.

We were each other’s escape.

We comforted in one another as our truths unfurled.

Shame, we have none.

Regrets, nothing that we would change.

We did what we needed to, at every point in our lives,

And that’s made are lives this strange.

What we are now, is what we’ve always wanted to be.

What we are now, is what we’ve chosen.

Who cares what the world thinks, we’ve done it our way,

Memories, both good and bad, are best kept frozen.

So pick yourself up, don’t stoop so low.

Don’t look at the bottom of the glass, look through it.

Don’t look for the sun again, when you know it’s going to rain,

Just take comfort in what you have, and sit right through it.

We’re not the same anymore.

We’ve come so far away from where we were at the start.

But we’re here right now, don’t let us down.

Believe in us now, for we will never part.