Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Don’t take this away from me.

I deserve it. I know I do.

So do you.

So just stop pretending to be the saint here. And leave me the fuck alone.

You’re the one who killed it. You’re the one who strangled every last ounce of patience out.

I can’t fight these daily battles with myself anymore. I’ve bled enough to feed a thousand vultures. Yes. The same scavenging fucks that circled overhead as we tore each other apart, waiting to strike; waiting for that moment of weakness that YOU gave them.

You dragged us down, scraped our hearts all over the thorns that covered the ground. Cut deep within us wounds that will take a million eons to heal.

And still I remained by your side. Never complaining. Never wavering. Never letting go, even when it was just me holding on to a fraction of your fingertips, just so that we’d never have to fall.

But we did. And guess who let go?

You took me through to the highest high I’ve ever felt. And then threw me over the edge.

Screw you and your fucking principles. I don’t need them.

I'm not the bad guy. I'm just the grown up, who saw just how fucking immature you really are. and I pity myself for letting a kid like you take away so much from me.

P.S. Your friends suck.