Friday, July 24, 2015

you see me

just a little high,
just a little drunk
no one else around, just you and me
and a little bit of luck

we've been dancing around
each other all night
and now we've got each other
and no one else in sight

so let's take our time,
take whatever we want from this
give it all we have
everything beyond this first kiss

the heat, the passion
the result of all the flirting
what we've been doing all this while
girl, all the issues we've been skirting

so don't be shy, don't hold it back
you know it's what i've wanted
since i saw you, the minute you walked in
my mind has been been haunted

by you, you've taken me to places
i never knew even existed
so, baby, hold me closer
before i think i've missed it

the taste you leave behind,
so familiar yet so exotic yet intimate to touch
when the morning comes, we'll forget it all
then again, that we knew as much

Thursday, July 9, 2015

sweat the little things

oh, still here, are you?

have you nowhere else to go? no one else to speak to? nothing else to do?
fine then, sit still
i'll get you a warm blanket and a change of clothes
there's no need to worry, you're safe here

here, take this
it'll help
with... you know
no? you're good? alright

is there anything else you need?
some food perhaps? or maybe a drink? yes you'd love that?
here, ol' chap. cheers!
sip it all down, let it warm you up

so tell me, what brings you down here?
well, yes, i guess i already know why
but still? even now?
living in the past isn't really healthy, you know

i mean, look at you:
you've got a great job, a great girl, family who loves you to death
so why long face? why so glum chum?
think about it

in ten years, you'll be a manager
you'll be earning ten times your current salary
you'll have two, maybe three little kids running around
and your wife, man will she be the best wife in the world

in twenty, you'll be nearing your retirement
still have the best wife
sure your kids'll be older. may have moved away too
but hey, wasn't that the plan all along?

in thirty you've worked your way to the top, homes, congratulate yo ass!
wife still loves you, or does she? you're pretty sure she does
your kids are starting out their careers now, they're earning in big bucks
you see them once a year at christmas

in forty, you'll be closer to death, i guess
that's a bummer. you may or may not have your wife with you
your kids would've had their own families by now
is that warm milk i smell on the stove?

in fifty, you're probably dead.
if you aren't, you're pretty damn close to it
i mean, look at you, all that whisky and cigarettes
it's a miracle you can still breathe

but why worry about that shit now, bro?
that's fifty years from now
you worry a lot? that's it?
you're fucking worried about things that may or may not even happen to you?
what's that? you can't even go a day without worrying that you might end up dead within the next half hour?
so be yourself! go out and live your life!
you can't, because you worry if you're wrong, eh?
you're fucking depressing, bro
pass me the light

now get the fuck outta here

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

whisky infused love

the taste of your lips still lingers on
smokey, hazey, whisky infused love
that never seems to get old
never seems to let me rise above

lower and lower we sink,
higher than any one around us
feeling, touching, holding, kissing, loving
blending drowning love with intoxicated lust

hearing you calling out to me
pulling you away from the depths of the darkness around
not a sound escapes the silence of your tongue
exploring the far reaches of the exhilaration we found

the finality of each moment even as we move on
is seared forever in the chasm left inside me
the calm, desolate, null void
will never let me sleep soundly