Saturday, May 28, 2016

R U Mine?

There's so much left to tell you,
But words could never describe this feeling
of heaven when I'm around you
And my head is still reeling

from the fact that I'm standing next to you
Holding your hand in mine
Telling you that you're my world
And if you let me, I'll never ever shine

for another, because you're all I'll ever want
And for that I'll be
eternally in the debt of the gods
that brought this — you and me

There's so much left to tell you —
Even the things that could leave you seething;
Even the things that could end
everything about us that keeps me breathing

Being with you will be the end of us
And fathoming that never fails to bring me down
But there you come again, even if for just a few seconds
Stealing my heart, my breath and little bit of my soul... because you're mine, for now

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Clean Up

I'm losing her.
She doesn't know it yet herself.
But it's there, plain for all to see.
Life's been replaced with love, that's been replaced with death.

I'm losing her
And there's nothing I can do about it.
She was mine, but for a brief spell where she confounded me with her charm and her wit.
Her heart and her mind; her laughter and her love

I'm losing her.
I used to be her darling, her song.
Her waking breath and her nightly prayer;
Her working day and her sleepless night.

I'm losing her
To one who was always there.
In whose arms she'll run to forever more
While I embrace the cold shackles of the remnants of my past.

I'm losing her.
She was the one. She still is. And she always will be.
And though she's chosen him in her mind, her heart will always be mine.
To serve and to keep. To worship with solitude and meekness. To love unconditionally until the end of time.