Thursday, June 18, 2015

Tell me when it kicks in

Waiting for the bass to drop,
My lungs working over time
Trying to filter air through the smoke
As the poet spits another rhyme

There's nowhere to go, nowhere to be
Nothing in this word that I'd rather to see
Stuck here in this moment, that's just fine with me
When you learn to be happy while trained in chains, who wants to be free?

Not thinking about the last time we left
things open ended, like a sentence with no period.
But that's just how it is with us, how we'll always be
Never ending

Love is supposed to transcend dimensions,
No time, no space, no quantifiable existence
But each day I can count the seconds it takes to stop thinking about you
The number of times I'd experience something new and not wish you were here to share it with me

Forget it, it's fine, it's just my big head
I'll find someone new, something else to obsess over instead
That's just the way it's supposed to be, no worries I'm good
That's just the way life is, if only I understood

I can feel it finally kicking in, the room spins
No one around me feels it, though, it's all in my head
I see you in the corner. You know what's happening. You smile. You blow me a kiss.
I'm happy, at last. Finally. Peace. A single tear I shed.