Thursday, July 7, 2016

Poison Rain

there's no way in hell you can't feel this
feel the way I fell for you
feel the way that you turned me into
this mess of a being with no one to
guide me through this crowded room
that's full of people just waiting to
pounce and grab on anything that moves
devour the very life that makes you, you
hoping and begging, it makes them

just as mesmerising
just as hypnotising
just as petrifying
as you make me feel
that no one else will ever be

for never will they know
just how perfectly you fit into me
into my deepest, darkest chasms
how I fill you up
with nothing but ecstasy

so take me in
let me be
the way we were meant to exist
as one


Monday, July 4, 2016

With or without you

let's just stay here
and never leave this place
where we don't have to worry
about the things we do
when we're not here
when it's not just us
when it's not just you and me

here, where the chaos of the ocean
feel more like home
than the riveted streets of filth
where we were born

here, where the lights don't exist
yet it's still brighter than the sun
and where the beautiful sound of silence
is louder than a 77,000 piece orchestra set

you and me, we've written
words of prose and words of poetry
pages filled with joy, sorrow, and everything in between
and still not enough to capture what we had, what we are
and what we could be

here, in this moment
in this place
is where we will die
and this is where we will live


Friday, July 1, 2016

When you let your imagination run wild

forget this world
forget the past
forget the pain
that will always last

it's just another day
for the world to see
how the devil's moving
inside of me

tearing, seething,
gnarling through
to break the surface
and block my view of you

the only light
that I've ever seen
that's brightened my nights
and knows where I've been

the darkeness returns
but you dispel it away
and for those few seconds
I'm myself, wanting me to stay

that's what you do
but that's what will never be
for the sun will set
and you will leave me

for who could live
with the beast that's hidden deep?
who could make me
someone you'd want to keep?

I will search
and I will find
but until then
you'll only exist within my mind