Sunday, March 22, 2009

This World

When was the last time people walked out in the morning,
Without fearing that by night they will be mourning,
Someone they love with all of their heart,
But by then they would be torn apart?

What have we become today?
Us, the ones who prudly say,
"Look, we're touching the realms of a star!"
While a mother cries over the body of her son, not far.

How is it that people take for granted, unguilty,
The things that others wage wars over daily?
When will this world stand up from the grave,
It's digging for itself with the bones of the brave?

Our "democracy" is a one-man-show,
When was the last time he gave us hope?
To find a saviour is what we need,
And to listen to our hearts, that voice to heed.