Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Our Last Sunset

I see the sun set in your eyes,
Silencing the flame that was burning blue for so long, now.
I taste your sweet poison one last time,
Stepping back, taking a bow.

This goodbye isn’t sad, it’s just another one,
One of many we’ve said over the aeons that we’ve lived together.
Though, it’s different this time, we both know it is,
This time it’s for, and only, forever.

Time stands still now, if only for me,
‘Cause I see you moving on, unhurt, unfrozen.
I want to turn away, but I want to stay,
Even though it isn’t I whom you’ve chosen.

Anyone else’s touch just wouldn’t be you,
I’d still feel your warmth around me, while I lay next to just another cold soul.
Forgetting you, but remembering everything we shared,
Everything that now, you just stole.

I need this, I want this, though it’s eating me away from inside,
Letting you go was always going to be hard, taking my all.
I knew it the second I saw you for the first time,
I knew you would be my downfall.

If forcing you to stay made me happy, we both know that’d be a lie,
To live with you would be perfect imperfection.
If letting you go brought me peace, we both know that’d be a lie, too,
To die without you, would be imperfect perfection.

torbakhopper | Flickr