Thursday, June 30, 2016

When you let your imagination run wild

forget this world
forget the past
forget the pain
that will always last

it's just another day
for the world to see
how the devil's moving
inside of me

tearing, seething,
gnarling through
to break the surface
and block my view of you

the only light
that I've ever seen
that's brightened my nights
and knows where I've been

the darkeness returns
but you dispel it away
and for those few seconds
I'm myself, wanting me to stay

that's what you do
but that's what will never be
for the sun will set
and you will leave me

for who could live
with the beast that's hidden deep?
who could make me
someone you'd want to keep?

I will search
and I will find
but until then
you'll only exist within my mind